ASU Cady Mall Fountain


ASU Campus and the Fountain at Cady Mall have rich histories and meaningful personal stories that surround them.  It was important for the new design to have a vision for the future while playing homage to the past. Environmental context was another influencing factor given the unique location of ASU within the Sonoran Desert and along the banks of the Salt River in Tempe. The Fountain design reveals the story of water in the desert: a story of extremes. Water in the desert is both a subtle moment and a dramatic force. Cycles of dry and wet are programmed into the Fountain to reflect the scarcity of water in a small pool similar to finding water in a tinaja or the surge of water coursing down an arroyo after a summer monsoon rain. The richly layered details of the new plaza convey pedestrians through the space while inviting them in to dip their feet in the water’s edge, creating new stories and shared histories for current and future Sun Devils.